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Working for you in Port Coquitlam

Mike Farnworth has called Port Coquitlam home for over 45 years. He grew up in our community and has been proud to serve it in a number of roles.

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Mike has a long record of standing up for the issues and values important to Port Coquitlam residents. He served us as a three-term City Councillor, was first elected MLA in 1991 and has been re-elected four times.

As our representative, Mike has never forgotten where he comes from or who we works for. He always puts Port Coquitlam first.

Whether it’s standing up for a properly-funded education and healthcare system, improved transportation choices, protecting our natural environment or fighting for changes to the justice system, Mike has a record of delivering results on behalf of local residents.

But after serving British Columbians for over 20 years, Mike has seen just how bad things have become under Christy Clark. Schools have been shortchanged, traffic is gridlocked and for years Christy Clark ignored the cost of housing as it spiralled out of control. While giving her rich friends a tax break, she increased the cost of car insurance, Hydro rates and MSP fees.

Mike knows government should make life better for people and that is why Mike is standing with John Horgan. John has a plan to make life more affordable for families with $10 a day childcare, to tackle the cost of housing and to invest in transportation infrastructure to get people moving. He’ll provide more support for our children’s schools and reliable health and seniors’ care, and create good jobs that last.

You can count on Mike and John Horgan to work for you.

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